Jan Jurka

I am currently a PhD student in mathematics at Masaryk University. I also did my bachelor's and master's in mathematics at Masaryk University. During the aforementioned studies, I wrote a bachelor's thesis (in english) about locally presentable categories and a master's thesis (also in english) about nearly locally presentable categories.

Email address: jurka@math.muni.cz





Here you can find notes from most of the courses that I took. The notes are in czech unless stated otherwise, [CZ/EN] means that some parts are in czech and some are in english, [EN] means that the notes are either completely or almost completely in english. Some notes can also be found on Ondřej Darmovzal's website.


1st Semester (Autumn 2015) 2nd Semester (Spring 2016) 3rd Semester (Autumn 2016) 4th Semester (Spring 2017) 5th Semester (Autumn 2017) 6th Semester (Spring 2018)


1st Semester (Autumn 2018) 2nd Semester (Spring 2019) 3rd Semester (Autumn 2019)