A quick and detailed review of my publications and their impacts is seen at my Google Scholar page.

I am working in Geometric Analysis and I am mainly interested in analytic properties of operators with large groups of symmetries. This requires hard tools in classical Analysis, modern Differential Geometry, Representation Theory of Lie Groups and Lie algebras and many other algebraic and categorial tools.
Recently I have been also interested in applications of the general geometric tools (in particular those invented in the realm of Parabolic Geometries) to more practical problems in Neurogeometry, Medical Imaging, and Geometric Control Theory.
As a result of my innovative approach to courses, I have also been partly interested in psychological and technological aspects of teaching.
The most influential works are the two research monographs and the Annals of Mathematics article, see the years 2009, 2001, and 1993 below.

Not (yet) published recent works and preprints

A. Cap, J. Slovak, Bundles of Weyl structures and invariant calculus for parabolic geometries, 2022, to appear as a chapter in a thematic book in honour of Alexandre Vinogradov in AMS Contemporary Mathematics series, 18pp.
A. Bansal, S. Kaushik, T. Bihonegn, J. Slovak, Automatic Tractography and Segmentation using Finsler Geometry based on Higher-order Tensor Fields , 2022, 18pp.
A. Bansal, S. Kaushik, T. Bihonegn, D. Baručić, P.T. While, J. Slovák, Characterizing white matter multi-fiber structure using the Riemann-Finsler framework in HARDI, 2022, 12pp.
S. Kaushik, P. Kaushik, J. Slovak, Lenka Zajickova, Two-phase image analysis approach to compute the diameter of nanomaterials, 2020, 24pp.

Other essential works (not published regularly)

M.G. Eastwood, J. Slovak, A primer to Q-curvature, 2001, 13pp.
J. Slovak, Parabolic Geometries , Research Lecture Notes, Adelaide, 1997, (used as part of DrSc dissertation, Brno, 1998), 70pp.
J. Slovak, Natural operators on conformal manifolds , Research Lecture Notes, University of Vienna, 1992 (used as habilitation thesis, Masaryk University, 1993), 138pp.

Published works


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