academic year 2016 - 2017
Faculty of Science
Autumn 2019 Matematika I
Spring 2020 Matematika II

Lecture Notes and Textbooks

There is (prototype of) the full lecture notes to all four semesters of basic Mathematics (nearly 800 double-pages, includes about 1000 worked out exercises, in Czech). The English more comprehensive version is under preparation and should appear as a genuine textbook with Springer.

Further rather informal and short texts related to many lectures which I introduced in the last two decades include:

PhD and MSc Thesis

The list of the Phd and MSc students supervised by myself is available via the Masaryk University Information System and the full texts of the dissertations (and all related reports etc.) should be available there too. So far, I enjoyed working with 8 successful PhD students:

Natalia Bezvitnaya (2011) Holonomy groups of pseudo-quaternionic-Kählerian manifolds
Jan Gregorovič, (2012) Geometric structures invariant to symmetries
Christian Gustad (2019) Differential invariance and Lie theory
Jaroslav Hrdina (2007) Generalized planar curves and quaternionic geometries
Martin Panák (2001) Natural operators on the bundle of Cartan connections
Josef Šilhan (2004) Cohomology of Lie algebras
Lenka Zalabová (2007) Symmetries of parabolic geometries
Vojtěch Žádník (2004) Generalized Geodesics

Recent exceptionally interesting Master or Bachelor theses:

Martin Doležal (2017) Balls rolling without slipping and spinning
Adam Janovsky (2016) Algebraic cryptanalysis of Hidden Field Equations family