Rules for granting financial support for students PDF Print
  1. Financial support of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (DMS) is granted by the Board of DMS to PhD students in the program Mathematics and Statistics and to master students in the programs Mathematics or Applied Mathematics. Financial support is paid in the form of a stipend.
  2. Financial support is considered for the attendance of students at international conferences and workshops organized in the Czech Republic or abroad, which are closely related to their scientific field. Conferences organized outside of Europe will be supported only in exceptional situations. It is highly prefered that the support is provided to students with own active participation at the conference, or to students participating in the organization of the conference.
  3. Financial support is approved based on a written application of the student. The form is available in pdf and Microsoft Word (Czech version in pdf and Microsoft Word).
  4. The application must contain a recommendation of the responsible academic advisor – for PhD students it is their PhD advisor, for master students it is their diploma advisor. The application must also contain a detailed budget and a total required sum (in CZK).
  5. The applications can be submitted at any time, but always in a sufficient time period before the conference. The application should be delivered (personally, into postbox, or by email) to the person, who is responsible for the project of specific research at DMS (prof. Roman Šimon Hilscher, doc. Jan Koláček). The support may be limited according to financial situation of DMS in the current year.
  6. If the student is financially supported by DMS, then he/she will submit all necessary documents, such as travel tickets, accommodation receipts, conference fee receipt, etc., to the responsible secretary of DMS (Radka Paliánová) no later one month after returning from  the conference.
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