Masaryk University Algebra Seminar

For the time being, the internal seminar of the Algebra group in Masaryk University (Brno) has moved online. The topics of the talks will belong most likely to one of these families: category theory and categorical logic, algebraic topology and homotopy theory, poset theory.

The seminar will be live on Zoom every Thursday at 13.00 CET. The password of the meeting is BAS20. Check out the videos on our Youtube channel. Each session will be approx. 1h long.

The table below comes with some additional material: an abstract (click on the title of the talk), the slides () and a video ().

Organizers: Jiří Rosický and John Bourke.

Refresh this webpage frequently! More coming soon.

If you would like to be a speaker, or you want to contact the organizers of the seminar, you can reach us via email.

Date Title Speaker Material
30.04 A topos‐theoretic proof of Shelah's eventual categoricity conjecture. Christian Espíndola
07.05 Topos-theoretic completeness theorems. Christian Espíndola
14.05. A unified framework for notions of algebraic theory. Soichiro Fujii
21.05 Towards a 2-dimensional spectral construction. Alex Osmond
28.05 Globular Multicategories with Homomorphism Types. Christopher Dean
18.06 The gregarious model structure for double categories. Alexander Campbell
16.07 Characterization of Lax Orthogonal Factorization Systems. Charles Walker
10.09. Gray tensor products and lax functors of (∞,2)-categories. Edoardo Lanari
24.09. Infinity-categorical comprehension schemes. Raffael Stenzel
08.10. Oplax Hopf Algebras. Christina Vasilakopoulou
15.10. The universal exponentiable arrow. Taichi Uemura
22.10. Categoricity in infinite quantifier theories Christian Espindola
29.10. Injectivity in metric enriched categories. Jiří Rosický
05.11. Enriched Locally Generated Categories. Ivan Di Liberti
12.11. Model-theoretic stability in classes of modules. Marcos Mazaria-Armida
19.11 The stable homotopy hypothesis. Maru Sarazola
26.11. Model categories of lcc categories and the gros model of dependent type theory. Martin Bidlingmaier
10.12. Accessible infinity-cosmoi. John Bourke
17.12. Distributive laws for relative monads. Gabriele Lobbia
04.02. Metric monads. Jiří Rosický
11.02. Kan extensions are partial colimits. Paolo Perrone
18.02. Distributive laws, pseudodistributive laws and decagons. Charles Walker
25.02. Induced stable independence, with applications. Michael Lieberman
04.03. Dependently typed algebraic theories. Chaitanya Leena Subramaniam
11.03. Simplicial Moore paths are polynomial. Eric Faber
18.03. Infinity groupoids in lextensive categories. Karol Szumilo
25.03. A model-theoretic look at exponential fields. Jonathan Kirby
01.04. C-Varieties of Ordered and Quantitative Algebras. Jiří Adámek
08.04. Tangent infinity-categories and Goodwillie calculus. Michael Ching
15.04. Independence Relations in Abstract Elementary Categories. Mark Kamsma
29.04. Contravariant homotopy theories and Quillen's Theorem A. Hoang Kim Nguyen
06.05. at 1400 Spaces vs Categories, Perfect Maps vs Discrete Fibrations. Walter Tholen
13.05. Higher-order algebraic theories and relative monads. Nathanael Arkor
20.05. Higher Segal spaces via Higher Excision. Tashi Walde
27.05. Proof relevance in higher topos theory. Raffael Stenzel
10.06. Skew monoidal categories and the proof-theoretic anatomy of associativity (and unitality). Noam Zeilberger
17.06. Lax factorisation systems and categories of partial maps. Leonardo Larizza
24.06. Vopenka's principle in infinity-categories. Giulio Lo Monaco
19.08. The Nerve of a Relative Monad. Charles Walker
16.09. Higher theories and monads. Nicholas Meadows
30.09. An orthogonal approach to algebraic weak factorisation systems. John Bourke
14.10. Higher homotopy categories and Brown representability. George Raptis
28.10. TBA. Chris Heunen
11.11. TBA. Taichi Uemura