Online algebra seminar - December 10th, 1pm PDF Print

We will continue online on Thursday, December 10th, at 1pm on ZOOM platform (for information how to acces seminar and next programme visit this page) by the talk:

John Bourke (Masaryk University)

Accessible Infinity-Cosmoi

Riehl and Verity introduced infinity-cosmoi - certain simplicially enriched categories - as a framework in which to give a model-independent approach to infinity categories.  For instance, there is an infinity cosmos of infinity-categories with finite limits or colimits, or of cartesian fibrations.  In this talk, I will introduce the notion of an accessible infinity-cosmos and explain that most, if not all, infinity-cosmoi arising in practise are accessible.  Applying results of earlier work, it follows that accessible infinity-cosmoi have homotopy weighted colimits and admit a broadly applicable homotopical adjoint functor theorem.  This is a report on joint work with Steve Lack, and builds on recent work with Lack and Lukáš Vokřínek.

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