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24th mathematical hike - July 19th 2019 PDF Print

Extreme hike! You are invited to our 24th mathematical hike, planned on Friday 19th of July. The destination is a point in time and space the next day, expect a 30 km walk through night and darkness. Meeting point 49.1941725N, 16.6594683E at 20:37.

Have a nice summer,

Jonatan Kolegar a Jana Bartoňová, organizers,
Jan Slovák, Director of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Differential equations seminar - June 12, 11am, seminar room on the 1st floor PDF Print

Seminar of differential equations will continue on June 12, 2019 at 11am in seminar room on the 1st floor.

prof. Stephen L. Clark (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Krein's Formula and Sturm-Liouville Operators on a Compact Interval

Recalling parametrizations of self-adjoint extensions associated with a regular, symmetric, second-order differential expressions, we give a comprehensive accounting of all self-adjoint extensions of the minimal Sturm--Liouville operator in terms of Krein's formula for resolvent differences given Sturm--Liouville operators with Dirichlet boundary conditions at a and b as a convenient reference operator, and give a detailed description of the Krein extension of the minimal Sturm--Liouville operator.

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Algebra seminar - May 30, 1pm, lecture room M5 PDF Print

We will continue on Thursday, May 30, in M5 at 1pm by the talk

M. Lieberman

Cofibrant generation and stable independence

We discuss recent joint work with Rosicky and Vasey concerning connections between stable independence notions and cofibrant generation of weak factorization systems in locally finitely presentable categories. In particular, we show that for a sufficiently nice class of morphisms M in an lfp category K, M is cofibrantly generated just in case the wide subcategory of K with morphisms precisely those in M has a stable independence relation. This result, and its consequences, cover a wide variety of examples and, in particular, provide an ideal context in which to analyze the stability of Ext-orthogonality classes of models of the sort considered in Baldwin/Eklof/Trlifaj.

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23rd mathematical hike - May 25th 2019 PDF Print

Dear Friends of Hikes and Mathematics,

You are cordially invited to the 23rd mathematical hike. It will take place on May 25th.

Start at 08:41 at the bus station Židlochovice (you can join us in Brno, bus from Zvonařka, at 08:07).

We plan a short hike, about 13.8 km. We will go to the lookout tower "Akátová věž", then through the forest to Žabčice. There's a train or bus back to Brno.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Jonatan Kolegar a Jana Bartoňová, organizers,
Jan Slovák, Director of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Department Assembly - May 22, 4pm, lecture room M1 PDF Print

The next Assembly of the department will take place on May 22, at 4pm at the lecture room M1. In accordance with our sub-laws, the Assembly will be chaired by David Kruml, one of our representatives in the Senate.

I am suggesting the following programme:

1. Brief information on the numbers of students applying for Bc. and Mgr. programmes (Jan Paseka)

2. Brief information on the result of the accreditation of our doctoral programme and further proceedings (Martin Kolář)

3. Report on the development of the department in the in the past four years and the future plans (Jan Slovák)

4. Other issues

I am looking forward to meeting at the Assembly,

Jan Slovák

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