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Department Assembly on Tuesday, 30 May, at 4 pm, in M1 PDF Print

The programme will involve my report, discussion, and the item "other". The meeting will be chaired by Petr Hasil.

Instead of the usual informal gathering in the meeting room after the assembly, I invite you to my "Farewell Party", where I would like to celebrate surviving the 8 years of my service as director, but also coming back to my 60s birthday, which was left unnoticed in the covid time.

I shall come with a small culture surprise at 5:30 pm...

Looking forward to spending together a nice refreshing evening.

See you soon, Jan Slovak

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Workshop on Mobility modeling in Brno and Czech Republic, May 18th, 10am-1pm (seminar room on the second floor) PDF Print

Workshop on Mobility modeling in Brno and Czech Republic

On Thursday, May 18th, at 10am-1pm (seminar room on the second floor) a group of transportation engineering students from Purdue University in USA will be visiting our Department to present their research on Czech highway traffic data.

We expect over a dozen of interesting short research presentations on open-ended questions in highway traffic modeling/analytics. We hope it may encourage engaging discussion, and potential ideas to inspire further applied research.

Participation is highly encouraged.

Seminar of differential equations: Roberta Fabbri (University of Florence), May 15, 2023 PDF Print

Seminar of differential equations will continue on May 15, 2023 at 12pm in lecture room M5.

Roberta Fabbri (Mathematics and Computer Science "Ulisse Dini", University of Florence)

Some questions concerning nonautonomous linear Hamiltonian systems

In the talk the definitions and properties of the rotation number and exponential dichotomy for linear non-autonomous Hamiltonian systems are presented. Some applications to spectral theory for properly perturbed Hamiltonian systems and linear quadratic minimization problems are also presented. Finally, starting from the geometric definition of the rotation number related to the Arnold-Maslov index, some ideas on numerical computation of the Maslov index for frames, i.e., Lagrange planes generated by the solutions of the systems, are given. This is related to the spectral theory of the \(n\)-dimensional Schrödinger equation.

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MUNI Seminar Series - Stefan Nemirovski - Lorentz geometry and contact topology PDF Print

Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science Seminar Series

10 May 2023, 4:30PM, Meeting room nr. 300, Komenského náměstí 220/2

Stefan Nemirovski

Lorentz geometry and contact topology

Stefan Nemirovski is a Russian mathematician. He is a principal researcher at the Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow and a Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Nemirovski was awarded an EMS Prize in 2000 for his contributions to complex analysis in several variables. He was elected corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2008.

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Thesis Defence - Radek Suchanek - 29.3.2023 PDF Print

Radek Suchanek will defend his thesis "Geometric Structures and Methods in View of Their Applications in Mathematical Physics" in the specialization Geometry, Topology and Geometric Analysis of our doctoral programme (chair of the committee - prof. J. Janyška, members - prof. M. Doupovec, prof. V. Roubtsov, prof. J. Slovák, doc. J. Hrdina, referees - I. Roulstone (GB), Giovanni Ortenzi (Italy), Kushner Alexei (Russia).

He studied under two supervisions within a cotutelle agreement, prof. J. Slovák was the supervisor in Brno, prof. Vladimir Roubtsov was the supervisor at the University of Angérs, France.

The defence will take place on 29 March, 2023, 2 pm, in the meeting room of our department. The defence will be also available on ZOOM

The complete archive of the dissertation is HERE.

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