Innolec lectures - Franc Forstnerič - Oka manifolds and applications PDF Tisk

Přednášky se konají v období 4.4. - 5.4.2023, od 14:00 do 16:00, 6.4.2023 od 10:00 - 11:30 a 13:00 - 14:30, v zasedací místnosti ÚMS (první patro u schodů).

Franc Forstnerič, University of Ljubljana

Title: Oka manifolds and applications


I will present some recent developments in the theory of Oka manifolds and their applications. After a brief review of the classical Oka-Grauert theory, I shall recall the notion of an Oka manifold and an Oka map, present the two main characterisations of this class of manifolds and maps, discuss the methods to find new Oka manifolds from known ones, and survey the examples. Time permitting, I shall discuss applications of Oka theory in the classical theory of minimal surfaces in Euclidean spaces.

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