Innolec lectures - Gian Maria Dall'Ara - An invitation to PDE methods in several complex variables PDF Tisk

Přednášky od 5. 11. do 8. 11. 2018, zasedací mistnost ÚMS (první patro u schodů), od 12:00 do 14:00

Gian Maria Dall'Ara (University of Vienna)

An invitation to PDE methods in several complex variables


In these lectures I will present the point of view on complex analysis in several variables originated in the '60s from the seminal work of Hörmander and Kohn (among others) on the d-bar problem and some of the most interesting applications. A tentative list of the topics I will discuss is:

1) one versus several complex variables: domains of holomorphy and failure of Riemann mapping theorem;

2) the problem of smooth extension to the boundary of biholomorphisms (Fefferman and Bell-Ligocka theorems);

3) existence and compactness in the d-bar problem: a review of some ideas of Hörmander, Kohn and Catlin;

4) Kohn-Nirenberg regularity and recent work on necessary and sufficient conditions for compactness.

The lectures will be suited (and hopefully interesting) for master students and researchers alike.

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