Seminář z diferenciální geometrie - 5.11.2018 PDF Tisk

Seminář z diferenciální geometrie pokračuje 5.11.2018 od 10:00 v učebně M5

Radoslaw Kycia:

Integrability of geodesics of totally geodesic metrics


Analysis of the geodesics in the space of signature (1,3) that splits in two-dimensional distributions resulting from the Weyl tensor eignespaces - hyperbolic and elliptic ones will be presented. Similar model of General Theory of Relativity coupled to Electromagnetism will be explained. Analysis of geodesic integrability will be outlined. This will be the brief overview of the manuscript [1].

Bibliography: [1] R. A. Kycia, M. Ułan, Integrability of geodesics of totally geodesic metrics,