24.10.2016 -přednáška Ilya Kossovskiy - The Associated Differential Equations Method in CR-geometry PDF Tisk

Seminar on differential geometry will continue on Monday, October 24, 2016, at 10.00, in the lecture room M5 by the lecture presented by Ilya Kossovskiy

Title: The Associated Differential Equations Method in CR-geometry

Abstract: It was first observed by E.Cartan and B.Segre that the geometry of completely integrable systems of differential equations is parallel, in a certain sense, to CR-geometry. This idea, undeservedly forgotten for almost 70 years, was revisited recently and lead to important developments in CR-geometry. In addition, one obtains a certain dictionary between the two theories. In this talk, I will outline the latter connection, and discuss its recent applications to CR-geometry, as well as possible applications to Dynamics and Differential Equations.

The seminar will continue on October 31 by the lecture of Ivan Minchev (TBA).

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