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New Horizon-MSCA project

The grant proposal Models with cross interactions between partial dynamical processes aiming to understand significant or abrupt dynamic changes has been awarded to our department.

Dr. Deeptajyoti Sen, a former post-doctoral student of IISER Mohali, India, has been awarded the Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Post-doctoral fellowship grant. He will collaborate with his supervisor Dr. Lenka Pribylova and her research group on bifurcation theory and synchronization techniques to fields of applied nonlinear dynamics: population biology, neuroscience, and epidemiology. This project aims to understand significant or abrupt changes in dynamics of models related to cross-interactions between partial dynamical processes and study how these cross-interactions affect the system's behavior as a whole.

This is the only MSCA-PF grant for Masaryk University in this call, the entire Czech Republic has obtained 11 grants only (out of 165 submitted). CONGRATULATION!