27th mathematical hike - December 14th 2019 PDF Print

Dear Friends of Hikes and Mathematics,

you are invited to our 27th mathematical hike planned on December 14th. Meet at 09:36 at the bus stop "Rozcestí" (bus 57) in Útěchov.

We have planned a short hike (not even 10 km) not following any tourist path towards the ruins of Ronov castle. The end of the hike is in Útěchov.

Snow or mud, doesn't matter, look forward to a Christmas hike.

All information and photos can be found at http://conference.math.muni.cz/vylety/. (in CZ)

Have a nice December,

Jonatan Kolegar and Jana Bartoňová, organizers,
Jan Slovák, Director of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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