15th mathematical hike - May 19th 2018 PDF Print

Dear Friends of Mathematics and Hikes,

You are hereby cordially invited to our mathematical hike planned on May 19th 2018.

Meet at ÚAN Zvonařka, bus stop number 42, at 7:50.

We go by bus to Velká Bíteš (the bus is not part of IDS JMK), then go through the valley of "Bílý potok". We go through a finite sequence of fords. The official ending is planned in Veverská Bítýška (27 km). Another possible endindg is at bus stop in Maršov (20 km ... 18 km through the valley of "Bílý potok" + 2 km additional). Return to Brno by bus (zones 100+101+ 2 additional from Veverská Bítýška/ 3 additional from Maršov).

We look forward to seeing you,

Jana Bartoňová and Jonatan Kolegar, organizers

Jan Slovák, Director of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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