Borůvka Mathematical Symposium

Dedicated to
100th birth anniversary of Professor Otakar Borůvka

Brno - Valtice, Czech Republic, May 10 - 12, 1999

Organized by Masaryk University Brno

in cooperation with

the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences

the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists

the Union of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists

the Borůvka Foundation

Honorary and Advisory Board: W. N. Everitt, M. Greguš, J. Jakubík, I. Kiguradze, I. Kolář, J. Kurzweil, J. Nešetřil, M. Novotný, J. Rosický

Organizing Committee: E. Fuchs and F. Neuman (chairmen), M. Budíková, Z. Došlá, O. Došlý, J. Chvalina, J. Janyška, B. Půža, A. Sekaninová, J. Vosmanský

Otakar Borůvka (*May 10, 1899 -- July 22, 1995) was an outstanding personality of mathematical life in Czechoslovakia. His scientific work covered many fields of mathematics and reflected the main trends of the development of the 20th century mathematics.

Topics of the conference cover the areas of scientific interest to O. Borůvka: especially differential and functional equations, history of mathematics; the attention will be paid also to other branches of Borůvka's research interest -- algebra, geometry and graph theory.

The purpose of this symposium is to present new results connected with the scientific activity of O. Borůvka, to remember his main results and influence on mathematics, mainly in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Conference site: The conference will start in Brno, Faculty of Science, Kotlářská 2, and will continue in Chateau Valtice (hotel ``Hubertus''), 50 km south of Brno.

Preliminary Program

May 10 (Brno, Faculty of Science)

10:00 -- 16:00 Honorary meeting to 100th birth anniversary of O. Borůvka including cultural program

17:00 -- Departure by the conference bus to Valtice

20:00 -- Evening session dedicated to the remembrance of personal contacts with O. Borůvka

May 11 (Valtice)

Scientific program in sessions

Party with folk music and wine tasting

May 12 (till noon) Continuation of the scientific program

Taking part in the Monday program in Brno is possible without preliminary registration and payment.

Board: All meals will be served in hotel ``Hubertus'', Valtice, starting with the dinner on May 10, till the lunch on May 12.

Lodging: We offer two nights May 10/11, May 11/12 in Chateau Valtice (hotel ``Hubertus'') in

(A) double-bed room with full amenities (bathroom, toilet, shower)

(B) double-bed room with shower (shared toilet)

(C) double-bed room (all amenities shared)

In each category there is a limited number of rooms available for single accommodation.

Conference fee: covers Registration fee (usual conference materials, a type-record with the original Borůvka's narration, coffee), Board and Lodging for the conference period, Conference bus from Brno to Valtice.

The conference fee paid before March 30, 1999, is supposed to be 80--110 USD according to the type of lodging. Later payments may increase up to 20% above the stated price. The precise amounts will be specified in the Second Announcement.

Advanced payments are possible during the year 1998.

Payment: The conference fee is to be paid by a bank transfer to

Bank: Ceska sporitelna a.s., Rasinova 2, Brno, Czech Republic

Account name: Jednota ceskych matematiku a fyziku

Account No.: 2245352-628/0800

Purpose of transfer: Borůvka Mathematical Symposium, your name(s)

All payments must be free of bank charges to the receiver. Please, do not use checks.

Abstract: Authors of contributed papers are requested to submit, preferably by e-mail, an abstract containing the title of the talk, summary of the talk (not exceeding half a typed page), full address of each author, and e-mail address, before March 30, 1999. Please check our web site for an abstract template in LaTeX format.

Registration Form is included and should be returned before January 30, 1999.

Second Announcement will be distributed in February 1999.

BMS, Department of Mathematics

Janáckovo nám. 2a, CZ-66295 Brno, Czech Republic



Please fill and submit the enclosed form or send all required data by e-mail to the address

preferably BEFORE JANUARY 30, 1999

Please fill the form carefully, your data will appear in the conference materials as printed in this form.

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: The second announcement with more details on the program, travel, registration of the participants, etc., will be distributed in FEBRUARY, 1999.


I register for participation in the Borůvka Mathematical Symposium held in Brno, Czech Republic, May 10-12, 1999.

Given name(s):
Gender: Female Male
Mr. Ms.
Postal Address (Affiliation):
I am interested in: differential equations functional equations history of mathematics
algebra geometry graph theory
I intend to have a contribution: lecture (30 min) communication (15 min) poster none
Title of contribution :
AMS Classification:
I intend to submit my contribution to the Proceedings: Yes No
Accompanying persons: None Yes How many?
I am interested in the accommodation in the hotel Hubertus: Yes No
(If yes) please book for me: 2 bed room with full amenities (bathroom, toilet, shower)
2 bed room with shower (shared toilet)
2-3 bed room (all amenities shared)
Single accomodation (limited number of rooms): yes no
Arrival day: Monday (May 10) different choice:
Departure day: Wednesday (May 12) different choice:
I have paid in advance: yes, I have paid on no
I will pay by: bank transfer before cash on registration
Comments/Questions/Special Wishes:

The abstract of the contribution (if any): Please, prepare about 10-15 lines of abstract carefully, following the conventions for abstracts in the beginnings of standard papers. The electronic form of the abstract is preferred (please, use basic TeX macros only, or plain text). Of course, any hard-copy form is accepted as well, but please keep the space limit. The Organizers will process your text and the collection of the abstracts will be included in the conference materials.

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