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Jaroslav Hájek center for theoretical and applied statistics


The methods of statistical analysis and modeling play an increasingly important role in learning about nature and society. Currently available are very diverse data, more variables can be observed or measured. These are data from the environment, biology, medicine, economics, metrology, etc. grow demands for statistical modeling of complex dynamic systems evolving in the presence of insecurity and uncertainty, and then use the correct prediction and effective decision-making. The project will focus on statistical modeling of complex systems, in particular, and non-robust methods. The project aims also algorithmization and implementation of computer-designed methods and procedures including an assessment of the stability of numerical calculations.

Mathematical Statistics in the Czech Republic is a traditional and established science, both in basic and applied research in. A big thanks to the great tradition has Jaroslav Hajek (1926-1974), who built a successful department with a high reputation abroad as a rich international cooperation. And thanks to the education of students who have become the successors in his work One motivation for the creation of the center is to continue and maintain the tradition of Czech statistics.

Aim of the Center

The aim of the center is its integration into the European elite network of research centers, increase the number of publications with foreign experts and create conditions for the opening of scientific careers of graduates of doctoral studies.