Conference fee payed by bank transfer: 80 EUR2 160 Kc
Conference fee payed by cash: 90 EUR2 430 Kc
Accomodation and board:double room, Sumava hotel 270 EUR   7 220 Kc
double room, Srni hotel 315 EUR 8 375 Kc
single room, Sumava hotel 340 EUR 8 985 Kc
(number of these rooms is limited)
single room, Srni hotel400 EUR10 620 Kc
Special bus Srni-Prague and back: 30 (15+15) EUR 800 Kc

The prices are final. The Organizing Committee will do their best to meet your wishes concerning accommodation but the possibilities are rather limited because the number of those who are interested in participation is usually higher than the capacity of the hotel. Single rooms in the Sumava hotel may be booked out before the end of the registration.

You are encouradged to pay by bank transfer, but the cash payment is also possible as usually. You get the data for the transfer (including your unique variable symbol) with the mail which is sent to you by registration. In case of any troubles contact please the organizing commitee.

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Upcoming Deadlines
November 30, 2015
The first (and only?) end of registration
January 9, 2016 (strict deadline)
bank transfer payments (for abroad transfers)
January 12, 2016 (strict deadline)
bank transfer payments (for transfers within CR)