German Technical University in Brno

(1849 - 1945)

   These pages are devoted to the German Technical University, which was the first technical school in Brno. We will follow up its establishment and development. The history of the German Technical University is the history of the technical educational institution until 1945. In 1849 the school started as a technical college and during 1849-1873 it was transformed into Technical University of the second half of 19th century. The students of the school came to Brno from many parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as well as many other countries.

    The German Technical University existed in Brno between 1849 and 1945. Together with Prague Technical University (founded in 1806 and  divided into two parts - German and Czech since 1869) and the Czech Technical University in Brno (founded in 1899), the German Technical University influenced in a major way the growth of economy and industry in this country. The hundred-year history of this school still remains largely unexplored. The already existing  works are mostly in German and their main concern is the foundation of the school. From the later period, these works mention mainly organization matters of the school.

    The possibilities of  compiling the development of the German Technical University in Brno are very good. The complete archive of the school has been preserved directly in Brno. It is stored in the Moravian Provincial Archive in Brno under the sign B 34. Among other documents, the following files have been preserved: the protocols from the professors' meetings from the whole period of existence of the school, the protocols of the  competitions for professors' chairs, the files of assistants and private associate professors, protocols about filling open positions, personal files of the employees since 1880, and many others. In the Moravian Provinicial Archive there is also complete correspondence between the school and the Moravian Governance, and also some of the correspondence between the school and the Ministry of  Education. In the Library of the archive almost all the study programmes for the whole of the period of existence of the school are stored.