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MUNI Seminar series - Nigel Hitchin - Algebraic Geometry and Differential Equations PDF Print

December 5, 2018 from 5:00 PM at Refectory of Augustinian Abbey at Mendel Square - Mendel Museum

Nigel Hitchin

Algebraic Geometry and Differential Equations


The use of elliptic functions to solve equations like the motion of a pendulum or a rigid body is a shadow of a much wider area of application of algebraic geometric notions to solving special nonlinear differential equations. The lecture will show how some natural procedures in algebraic geometry help to understand the behavior of integrable systems, especially near the so-called critical locus.

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MUNI Seminar series - Roger Blandford - Black Holes in the Universe (and Hollywood) PDF Print

November 28, 2018 from 5:00 PM at Refectory of Augustinian Abbey at Mendel Square - Mendel Museum

Roger Blandford (Stanford University, US)

Black Holes in the Universe (and Hollywood)

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Department Assembly - November 28, 3:30 pm, lecture room M1 PDF Print

The autumn Department Assembly will meet on Wednesday, November 28, at 3:30pm, lecture room M1.

The programme involves three main points: brief report on the development of the department (J. Slovak), information about the passage to newly accredited programmes of study (J. Paseka), and presentation of the PR and popularization activities at our department (P. Zemanek).

The assembly will be chaired by P. Hasil.

Differential equation seminar - December 3, 12pm, lecture room M5 PDF Print

Seminar of differential equations will continue on December 3, 2018 at 12pm in lecture room M5.

doc. RNDr. Michal Veselý, Ph.D. (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, PřF MU)

Critical oscillation case for linear and half-linear equations.

Differential geometry seminar - November 26, 10am, lecture room M5 PDF Print

The seminar on differential geometry will continue with this lecture:

November 26, 10am, lecture room M5.

Yaroslav Bazaikin:

Losik classes for codimension one foliations


This is a joint work with A. Galaev. Following Losik's  approach to Gelfand formal geometry, certain characteristic classes  for codimension one foliations coming from Gelfand-Fuchs cohomology are considered. Sufficient conditions for non-triviality  in terms of the dynamical properties of generators of the holonomy groups are found. The non-triviality for the Reeb foliation is shown; this is in contrast with some classical theorems on the Godbillon-Vey class, e.g, the Mizutani-Morita-Tsuboi Theorem about triviality of the Godbillon-Vey class of foliations almost without holonomy is not true for the classes under consideration. It is shown that the considered classes are trivial for a large class of foliations without holonomy. The question of triviality is related to ergodic theory of dynamical systems on the circle and to the problem of smooth conjugacy of local diffeomorphisms. Certain classes are obstructions for the existence of  transverse affine and projective connections.

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