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Public habilitation talk: RNDr. Dana Černá, Ph.D. PDF Print

Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at 14:00 in M5

Wavelet methods for operator equations

Wavelet methods are a useful tool for the numerical solution of various types of operator equations. We introduce the concept of a wavelet basis and two examples of spline wavelet bases.Then we study the wavelet-Galerkin method, namely the existence and uniqueness of the numerical solution and the convergence rate of the method. Furthermore, we also focus on the properties of the resulting systems of linear algebraic equations, especially on their structures and the condition numbers of the discretization matrices. Numerical experiments are provided for integral and integro-differential equations, and as practical application, the jump-diffusion option pricing model is solved.

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Differential equations seminar - Febraury 24, 12pm, lecture room M5 PDF Print

Seminar of differential equations will continue on February 24, 2020 at 12pm in lecture room M5.

Kodai Fujimoto, Ph.D. (Ústav matematiky a statistiky, PřF MU)

Asymptotic behavior of solutions for differential equations with φ-Laplacian

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29th mathematical hike - February 29th 2020 PDF Print

Dear Friends of Hikes and Mathematics,

you are invited to our 29th mathematical hike planned on February 29th. Meet at 9:38 at the bus station in Slavkov u Brna. We go by bus at 9:15 from the bus station Zvonařka in Brno, you can join us there.

We have planned a 17 km hike following a green path from Slavkov to Bučovice. Return to Brno by train.

All information and photos can be found at (in CZ)

Have a nice February and see you soon,

Jana Bartoňová and Jonatan Kolegar, organizers
Jan Slovák, Director of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Algebra seminar - February 13, 1pm, lecture room M5 PDF Print

We will continue on Thursday, February 13, in M5 at 1pm by the talk

F. Pakhomov

Dilators and Ptykes

Dilators are endofunctors D:WO->WO preserving pullbacks and directed co-limits, where WO is the category of well-orderings and strictly monotone maps. This notion was introduced by J.-Y. Girard as one of central notions within his approach to certain problems in proof-theory (calculation of proof-theoretic ordinals). Some more sophisticated applications motivate higher-order generalizations of the notion of dilator, known as ptykes. For example, ptykes of the type (WO->WO)->WO are functors from the category of dilators Dil to WO that preserve pullbacks  and  directed co-limits (here Dil is the category of dilators and Cartesian natural transformations).

In the first part of the talk I plan to discuss dilators, some basic results about them, and give some idea about their applications in proof-theory.  Next I plan to talk about my approach to the theory of ptykes, where  types of ptykes are interpreted as classes of relational structures that are closed under substructures.

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Call for research positions PDF Print

Call for research positions at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Masaryk University

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Masaryk University invites applications for  research positions commencing during the year 2020 at the date depending on mutual agreement.
The positions are initially for one or two years with a possibility of extension. One of the positions is within a more challenging/demanding project, see the additional conditions at .

Applications will be considered in the areas of Mathematical Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Numerical Mathematics and Statistics.
The candidates must be recent PhD's and should submit a letter of application accompanied by a CV, list of publications and an outline of their research project to Jan Slovák ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) not later than  February 29, 2020.
They should also arrange for at least 2 letters of recommendation (one can be from a Czech mathematician) to be mailed directly to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before  February 29, 2020.
The successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible but not later than March 31, 2020.
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