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Differential geometry seminar - October 14, 10am, lecture room M5 PDF Print

The seminar on differential geometry will continue with this lecture:

October 14, 10am, lecture room M5.

Radoslaw Kycia:

The Poincare lemma, antiexact forms, and fermionic quantum harmonic oscillator


I will present the connection between Poincare lemma and homotopy operator defined by Edelen. This will be used to determine functional calculus (Bittner’s operator calculus), which, in the case of a homotopy operator, resembles quantum fermionic oscillator algebra.

I will also present a topological/chain complex version of a homotopy operator.

Finally, I will show how this operator calculus looks in the setup of complex manifolds and how it ‘interacts’ with the Dolbeault complex.

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Algebra seminar - October 10, 1pm, lecture room M5 PDF Print

We will continue on Thursday, October 10, in M5 at 1pm by the talk

J. Adamek

Finitary functors

Every finitary functor F between locally finitely presentable categories is finitely bounded, i.e., finitely generated subobjects of each FX factorize through the image (under F) of finitely generated subobjects of X. Conversely, finitely bounded functors preserving monomorphisms are finitary.
We discuss conditions under which 'finitary = finitely bounded' holds for a l l functors. This is true e.g. for atomic Grothedieck toposes with finitely many finitely presentable atoms.
We also study the finitely presentable objects in the categories [Set,Set]_fin of all finitary set functors and Mnd_fin(Set) of all finitary monads over Set.

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Differential equations seminar - October 7, 12pm, lecture room M5 PDF Print

Seminar of differential equations will continue on October 7, 2019 at 12pm in lecture room M5.

Maria Guadalupe Morales Macias, Ph.D. (Ústav matematiky a statistiky, PřF MU)

Riemann-Liouville fractional integral on the real axis and its non-integrability property

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Applied mathematics seminar - October 8, 2pm, lecture room M5 PDF Print

Seminar of applied mathematics will continue on October 8, 2pm in lecture room M5.

Mgr. Michal Theuer

Infection avoidance for populations affected by STIs

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MUNI Seminar series - Dana Stewart Scott - Enumeration Operators, Probability, Type Theory PDF Print

October 10, 2019 from 4:30 PM at Refectory of Augustinian Abbey at Mendel Square - Mendel Museum

Dana Stewart Scott

Enumeration Operators, Probability, Type Theory


For a long time it has been known that enumeration operators on the powerset of the integers form a model of the λ-calculus. More recently, the speaker realized that well-known methods allow for the adjunction of random variables to the model. Also other well-known ideas can expend the basic model into a model for Martin-Löf type theory. Some recent work with a group of collaborators combines the two approaches by invoking Boolean-valued models. The talk will address the question of how to give this natural modeling interesting applications.

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