Conference Equadiff 15 PDF Print

Conference Equadiff 15

MASH AWARD: Stanislav Sobolevsky PDF Print

MASH AWARD for our department:

Stanislav Sobolevsky, Associate Professor at the New York University, has been awarded the Advanced MASH Belarus Award with his project DIGITAL CITY aimed at building the Digital City Engine and the Urban Network Artificial Intelligence at our department. The project will serve as seed funding for activities in the hot area of Smart Cities, as well as Network Science in general.

MASH AWARD: John Denis Bourke PDF Print

MASH AWARD for our department:

John Denis Bourke has been awarded the MASH Junior Award! Congratulation!

The Masaryk University Award in Sciences and Humanities has been extended  by the junior version. This year, John's award is the only one in the Physical Sciences section. The project will bring essential financial boost to John's research in the coming 3-5 years.

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Database of mathematical journals at MU PDF Print

A list of electronic math magazines available at MU (more than 650 titles) can be found HERE .

However, magazines from the EBSCO and ProQuest megadablets are not included in this list.

But, it is possible to search for mathematical journals directly in these databases, for example:

EBSCO → EBSCOhost Research Databases → select Publications tab in the top bar → select databases (the most comprehensive is Adamic Search Ulitmate) → in the field Browsing Select By Subject & Description and enter a keyword in the field (eg Mathematics)

PROQUEST CENTRAL → select Publications in the upper bar → enter a keyword (eg Mathematics) in the search box and choose where we want to search (eg in subject) to Scholarly Journals