Jaromír Šimša will receive the Paul Erdös Award PDF Print


Jaromír Šimša will receive

the Paul Erdös Award of the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions for 2020; this award is biannually delivered to at most three mathematicians all over the world.

The Paul Erdös Award was established to recognise contributions of mathematicians who have played a significant role in the development of mathematical challenges at the national or international level and which have been a stimulus for the enrichment of mathematics learning.

We warmly congratulate Jaromír Šimša on this outstanding achievement!

Last Updated on Monday, 02 March 2020 14:46
Database of mathematical journals at MU PDF Print

A list of electronic math magazines available at MU (more than 650 titles) can be found HERE .

However, magazines from the EBSCO and ProQuest megadablets are not included in this list.

But, it is possible to search for mathematical journals directly in these databases, for example:


http://search.ebscohost.com → EBSCOhost Research Databases → select Publications tab in the top bar → select databases (the most comprehensive is Adamic Search Ulitmate) → in the field Browsing Select By Subject & Description and enter a keyword in the field (eg Mathematics)


https://search.proquest.com → select Publications in the upper bar → enter a keyword (eg Mathematics) in the search box and choose where we want to search (eg in subject) to Scholarly Journals