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Kolokvium - Hervé Gaussier - 11.4.2018 PDF Tisk
Kolokvium - Hervé Gaussier
Středa 11.4.2018, 16.00, posluchárna M1

Hervé Gaussier (Institute Fourier - Grenoble)
On the Schwarz Lemma and metrics in complex geometry.

Abstract. I will explain how the geometric approach of the Schwarz Lemma due to Ahlfors opened new perspectives in the metric geometry of complex manifolds and will present current problems in the theory.

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Záznam kolokviální přednášky - Wieslaw Kubiś - Generic objects and infinite games PDF Tisk

Kolokviální přednáška se konala ve středu 9. listopadu 2016, v 16:00 v posluchárně M1

Wieslaw Kubiś (Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)

Generic objects and infinite games


Let F be a fixed class of `small' mathematical structures (e.g. finite graphs, finite-dimensional normed spaces, etc.) and assume that a notion of `embedding' has been defined so that we can say that one structure is an extension of another. We say that a structure is `big' if it can be build as the union (or, more formally, colimit) of a chain of embeddings in F. Fix a big structure U. We consider the following infinite game for two players: Player I chooses a structure S_0 from F. Player II responds by its extension S_1, again in F. Player I responds by an extension S_2 of S_1. And so on. We say that Player II wins if the union of the infinite chain of S_ns is isomorphic to U, otherwise Player I wins. We say that U is generic, if Player II has a winning strategy.

In the talk I will present examples of generic objects in several areas of mathematics. Further, I will show some of their basic properties and relations to the theory of universal homogeneous models.

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